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Let your images do the talking! Transform your words and featured images into attention-grabbing visuals (without opening Canva or Photoshop) for more clicks, more likes, and more engagement.

Create stunning, compelling visuals from your WordPress content and images

Learn how to setup and generate your first featured images for WordPress using the OMGIMG plugin in under one minute and 44 seconds 👉

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Benefits and features

Oh, the amazing things you'll do!

Entice more clicks

People are more likely to engage with images that include your title, excerpt, pull quotes, and more.

Stay in your workflow

No more jumping out of WordPress, or from app to app, to make your images shine.

Create once, use everywhere

Create an image and then resize it for Open Graph, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

A diagram showing WordPress content becoming a featured image and social images

Repurpose your content for socials and get more likes, more clicks, and more traffic.


They like it! Hey, Mikey!

"The WordPress plugin designed for effortless image enhancements and social media sharing, I'm genuinely impressed with its potential to simplify my content creation process."

- Alan Fuller


Works with the top SEO plugins

OMGIMG integrates with the leading SEO plugins for WordPress. Read more about how the plugins compliment each other below!

"Why wouldn't I just use Canva?"

Create an Open Graph image in Canva

12 steps and 15 minutes

  1. Open Canva in a new tab.
  2. Open your design.
  3. Duplicate it, or duplicate the page.
  4. Click back to your WordPress post and copy the title.
  5. Click back to Canva and paste it.
  6. Repeat for the content.
  7. Find the featured image and drag it into Canva. Reposition it.
  8. Download the image.
  9. Click back to WordPress.
  10. Find the field in your SEO plugin for setting the page-specific Open Graph image.
  11. Upload the image.
  12. Click Save.

Create an Open Graph image in OMGIMG

3 steps and 1 minutes

  1. Click the OMGIMG button.
  2. Select your template from a dropdown.
  3. Click "Save as Post Open Graph image".

All this and a 30-day money-back guarantee!