Using your brand colors and fonts with OMGIMG

By Corey Maass | 5 Nov, 2023

It's important that all design assets to create our consistent with your company or personal branding. Here's how to do that with OMGIMG.

To set your brand colors and fonts

Go to the OMGIMG settings in your WordPress admin:

OMGIMG setings menu

In the OMGIMG settings, you can choose your brand colors and brand fonts along with uploading your logos.

OMGIMG settings brand colors and font options

For each, select the color or font you want, then click "add Font" or "add color. You'll see your choice appear below the dropdown.

Save your settings.

Using your colors and fonts in the image editor

Now when you return to the image builder, if you select an option with a color, you'll see your brand colors below the colorpicker:

Brand colors as they appear in the color picker in the OMGIMG image editor

And your brand fonts will appear the top of any font dropdown: