Hey, there!

OMGIMG is a WordPress plugin for creating better featured images and Open Graph images in WordPress.

WordPress is all about publishing, but all to often images are downplayed in the process. A stock photo is slapped in just before publishing but has no branding. A well-selected image is uploaded but it has nothing to do with the article. Beautiful product photos are added in WooCommerce but they don't say what the product is, what it does, or how much it costs.

Or the best case scenario, you have to open Canva or Photoshop to edit your photo.

OMGIMG wants to change that. From your friendly, neighborhood WordPress admin, brand your photos, overlay them with the words you worked so hard on: your post title, the best pull quotes, or other great content that will make people want to click.

OMGIMG was created by Cory Miller and Corey Maass in 2023 during a series of live video broadcasts. If you're interested in watching the (painfully raw) videos, check them out here.

Cory Miller is a long-time entrepreneur and business leader in the WordPress space. He met Corey while speaking at WordCamp Birmingham and they became friends through Post Status, the WordPress community Cory runs.

Corey Maass has built for the web since 1997. He's launched dozens of web apps and WordPress plugins since launching his first SaaS in 2005, and has sold two WordPress plugin businesses.


The photo in our preset previews is by Josh Hild on Unsplash